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Problems concentrating in school?
Behavior issues unmanageable?

With as many as ten percent of the nation's children being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, chances are you or your child knows someone who is suffering from this disorder. If your situation hits closer to home and your own child is experiencing problems concentrating in school or behavior issues have become unmanageable, we offer a non-pharmacological treatment with outstanding results. Biofeedback, or more specifically, EEG Biofeedback, has been around since the late sixties and has its roots in the school of Neurofeedback.

Biofeedback could be the answer to ADD/ADHD
Thanks largely in part to an increasing body of research, Biofeedback is gaining acceptance as a viable alternative to medication in treating ADD/ADHD and related disorders. It is also used to combat a host of other problems like: autism, depression, anxiety, brain trauma and seizures. The focus at Northwest Biofeedback is geared toward long term success in removing medication from the treatment scenario. Until now, most children who have been labeled with "ADD" have used psycho-stimulants along with psychotherapy as a main course of action in dealing with issues of distraction, inattentiveness , and rage.

Growing concerns about treatment
Ritalin(methylphenidate) is the most widely prescribed drug of its type and is practically a household name in the United States. However, many parents and practitioners alike are growing uncomfortable with the idea of a chemical solution to a neurological problem. It is for this segment of the population that biofeedback offers an attractive alternative to medication. By encouraging the individual to reprogram his/her own brain-waves to achieve more favorable patterns, the patient learns to respond better to potentially inflammatory situations.

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